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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who is Ardyss International?

Ardyss International was started by the Diaz de leon Family, Mr. Antonio Diaz de leon, his wife Armida Fonseca, and their two sons Antonio and Alejandro . The entire family was involved in different areas of the business and it was not until 1991 that Ardyss International was incorporated as a company.

In October 1993, Dr. Leonel Kelly MD left the Faculty of Medicine at UNAM (National University of Mexico) and joined Ardyss International with a common principle that "Health is Beauty" as their Chief of the Department of Research and Medical Support. And in 1994, Dr. Leonel Kelly MD and the Ardyss Family formed a team of Textile Engineers, Corsetry Specialists, Design Experts, and Quality Control Experts to start inventing the first sets of garments.

Ever since then it was been a wild ride of improvements and restructuring of the business and products offered by Ardyss International. They have not only reinvented the corsetry world but have also incorporated nutritional supplements and cosmetic creams to enhance youth and beauty in both men and women both on the inside and out.

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